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My senior year I dated Joe.  He was a grade below me and for some reason that gave me grounds to feel above him.  I treated him like such crap. I really don’t know how he could have liked me. I was so self-centered.  All I cared about was having fun with my gals. Case and point; he took me to my senior prom.  He went above and beyond with the stellar tux and did everything right to make my prom night perfection.  I in return dumped him in the car on the way to prom.  Basically, ignored him during prom and then after I made him get a ride home with friends to I could go out drinking at the college bars with my girlfriends and his mother.

Let me elaborate on that little bit.  Joe’s momma was an incredibly charismatic woman. She is a Sagittarius like myself.  That should explain everything in my mind. Everywhere she went she gained attention.  There was always an adventure.  Usually questionable, possibly illegal. For the purposes of this blog we shall refer to Joe’s momma as ‘The Ma’. I’ve got lots of good tales and memories with ‘The Ma’.  I’ll come back to my 21st birthday adventure but for right now I’m still 18.

‘The Ma’ was good friends with ‘The Witch’.  So by nature of clicks, my girls Jusepa and Millie followed around ‘The Ma’ idolizing her; we too then met and befriended ‘The Witch’.  ‘The Witch’ was a 52-year-old woman who lived in an old house on the main street of our tiny ass town with her 3 high school daughters.  ‘The Witch’, a pieces, was also quite compatible with a Sagittarius so naturally she and I would become close.  Her home was one of an open-door policy so in and out through the day and night I went.  I spent most of my time at the home of ‘The Witch’.  She didn’t work.  She didn’t drive so she was always pretty much home. She was an astrologer and we spent our time smoking weed, reading tarot cards, exploring crystals, interesting books, learning about chi and making charcoal drawings. These were some of the best days of my life. The art and creativity that I gained, the music, the dancing…..learning how to properly eat a mango….we evolved as humans.  We hung tinsel from daffodils and the fairies were real. We would have amazing adventures through conversation at the home of ‘The Witch’.  We all acknowledged that we were quite the eclectic group of lost souls and we took care of one another. She bestowed her witchy mothering unto us.  We provided her with rides, some times a home cooked or take out dinner. I flushed out the giant abscess in her great pyrenes when everyone else was too afraid ‘Zado’ would kill them. We cultured ourselves by seeking out bars with live music and dancing until we could dance no more. OH! Hey!  Did you know that Sagittarians are often successful in their work with large animals?

Some of you might be raising your eye brow but let me just say: It didn’t strike me at all unusual when ‘The Witch’ engaged in her pagan rituals. She would go to her private room while I sat on the couch with some fascinating literature.  The marble coffee table gorgeous with the reflections of glass balls, crystals, incense and candle light.  I might glance up and see some daggers and chanting through the French doors and glance back to what I was doing.

Later, ‘The Witch’ would sit and study me for a while.  I remember her saying “I find it interesting that you don’t have any questions about what you just saw.” I remember replying “Why would I? To each their own. Who am I?”  To this ‘The Witch’ smiled and said “you’re a good kid” and we cheered our glasses.  There was a clear and mutual love and respect. We remained friends for a number of years.  I lost touch with ‘The Witch’ about 10 years ago.  I miss her very much.